Zois is half Greek and half Dutch. He came into contact with Buddhism and meditation as a 19-year old student in the Netherlands. In 2017 his travels called him back to India. For a month he lived with a yoga teacher in Varanasi, followed by a 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, finishing several months later with a 300-hour advanced teacher training.


After his teacher trainings he taught yoga for a little while in the Netherlands and in the United States. Soon, his Greek-island roots called him back to the sea. The biggest part of 2018 he spent in the Caribbean, on the diving island of Útila. There he trained in freediving, and ran the Yoga Útila studio. It greatly broadened his understanding of breath and pranayama and developed gentle power: mental focus combined with complete relaxation.


This gentle power is exactly what he trys to bring into his classes. Strong, but conscious yoga: building up from breath work or meditation, through a warm-up, into a powerful flow with strong holds and attention to alignment.