Victoria Larsson

For me the mental and spiritual effects of yoga are far more interesting than the physical ones. Of course, asana can be really fun and playful, and it’s awesome to get strong and flexible. And even more awesome to be able to heal hurts and imbalances. But ultimately, the practice is about ending suffering, about finding inner peace and joy. If the practice isn’t improving the overall quality of your life, lessening your suffering, making you happier, then I see no point. Of course, change doesn’t happen over night. It takes time. It takes tapas (discipline). It takes isvara-pranidad (dedication).

I don’t believe in shortcuts.


As far as my classes go, expect an experience; a highly curated event. A ritual. As music is one of the highest most mystical forms of art, and one of my true passions, I take pride in crafting interesting soundtracks, although every now and then I may choose silence. And because I am a writer, I spin stories, I create narrative. Expect a challenging yet non-competitive vibe, lots of hands-on assists and an emphasis on breath and the NOW. Expect yin and yang. Expect incense. Expect light. But also be prepared for darkness.