Erika Ahola is originally from Finland. She fell in love with movement in early age and her dream job was to be able to combine working with both the body and the mind. Luckily she found her way to circus after searching for an option for competitive gymnastics. Handstand became a nice way to spend time, create new shapes and research what could be possible. 


She enjoys flying high up in the air from person to person, climbing on top of  people and sometimes taking on the role of the base too. She is one of to co-founders of Kaaos Kaamos and with five other friends they are touring with their show Babel, Glöm. She is also part of another company called Fuego Rojo and they are on their way to create a show.


As a teacher she creates a friendly and safe atmosphere for people to learn new skills, fail and keep going towards their dreams and goals. She likes to make people to work but with a smile and positive attitude towards learning.