Sebastiaan, Yoga and Pancakes Berlin, [ DE - ENG - NL ] wuchs in den Niederlanden auf, wo er seine Yoga-Studio „Buddha Balance“ im Januar 2017 nach vier Jahren Aufbau verkaufte, um für sechs Monate durch Asien zu reisen und eine Yogalehrerausbildung in Indien zu machen (Vinyasa und Ashtanga). Danach lebte er ein halbes Jahr in Vancouver CA und ist nun nach Berlin gekommen um zu bleiben (und uns mit seinen Yoga-Klassen zu beglücken).


Derzeit praktiziert und unterrichtet er am meisten dynamische Vinyasa Klassen mit einem Ashtanga-Einfluss. Außerdem gehören Yoga basics, advanced, Hatha Yoga Klassen und Handstand- und Arm-Balance Workshops zu seinem Repertoire.


Sebastiaans zweite Passion ist das Produzieren von elektronische Musik.


Sebastiaan, Yoga and Pancakes Berlin, [ DE - ENG - NL ] his attitude is nice and easy aka flying while having two feet on the ground. While practicing and teaching, the body, the mind, and the “you/me/I” are the main ingredients, for a dish as delicious as chocolate cake. 


In his own practice he fancy’s some arm balances, like handstands, and other mayhem. For him this is one of the so many gorgeous ways to connect with it all. 


While keeping in mind, the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon, yoga is not his religion, someone said there are 84.000 ways to enlightenment, and learning new things possibly indicates how much he, Sebastiaan, does not know. 


Many love & he would love to practice with you <3


A little bit of a back story; Sebastiaan grew up in the Netherlands, where he sold his yoga studio “Buddha Balance” in January 2017, this enabled him to go traveling through Asia for six months, do a Yoga Teacher training in India (Vinyasa, Ashtanga 200h) and live in Vancouver for halve a year. 


In December 2017 he arrived in Berlin and is here to stay. 


Sebastiaan also producing electronic music and is excited to meet like-minded people and do collaborations in this regard. The techno yoga sessions is a nice example of two for him beautiful worlds coming together. 


He has about seven years teaching experience and is currently mostly practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga Classes, with a hint of Ashtanga in it. Next to that he has experience teaching Yoga basics, advanced, Hatha Yoga and gives handstand and arm balance workshops. He loves a nice dynamic practice and love sharing what he learned on this Yoga and movement and mind Journey.