Harmonie Jacques


Harmonie is a certified Yoga, Pilates and Barre instructor and Reiki Practitioner. She loves combining all of her passions in her classes including her love for dance. At a young age she found yoga and it became the one thing that helped her focus her energy in times of stress. 


Harmonie believes that connecting to the body allows us to clear the mind and let the soul shine. We live in a day and age that always wants us to move fast and that means the mind is often moving that fast with it. By connecting to the body, we can slow down our thoughts and allow ourselves to connect the mind, body and soul.


In all of her classes you can find elements of all in which she teaches. For exhilarating movements, try her Abs and Booty or Barre classes and for a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Barre with elements of dance, check out her Juicy Booty class which focuses on a firm butt and strong core, making it fun and juicy! If you want to slow down and relax after a bit of movement while connecting to the senses with essential oils, then check out her Yinyasa and Essential oils classes!