Demi Tekin

Demi started practicing Pilates to complement her strenuous weight lifting training. Her initial goal was to stretch, work on mobility and use pilates as an active recovery day. After practicing pilates consistently for couple months, she noticed a drastic change in her fitness performance. She felt more body-aware and in control of the way she moved in space. Not only did this awareness help her functional training routine with an improved range of motion, but also she welcomed a taller, elongated and better version of her figure.  After getting her bachelor degree in Boston, Demi decided to move to California to pursue her passion for Pilates. She enrolled to BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification at BASI Head Quarters Newport Beach, CA in May 2021.  Learning and teaching the pilates method in Southern California allowed Demi to train with the leading names in the pilates industry such as Rael Isacowitz.