Chrissi jung

Building up a strong foundation and figuring out your favorite way to move is essential for every human out there. 

As a future physical therapist, Chrissi often gets quite excited about conscious movement and how amazing the human body is. But as a running and snowboard enthusiast, she also loves to challenge herself and push it to the limit... She's well aware, sometimes it’s quite a challenge to find the balance here.

So usually while working out we aim to improve movement patterns and become stronger, faster or more flexible. Chrissi will of course help you get there. As your Coach her biggest goal is to motivate you to enjoy moving around and use your skills to do whatever you want to do. 

During the „I Got Your Back“ Class Chrissi is thrilled to give your lovely spine all the attention it deserves! Let her guide you through carefully selected strength and mobility exercises while sharing some knowledge about the human body.