Amy Marzecki

Amy started her training as a professional ballet dancer at the age of 11, at the John Cranko Academy in Stuttgart. 

She continued her professional training and Studies at the University of the Arts London, where she completed her BA in Performing Arts and Theatre Studies. 

Since then Amy has travelled the world living and performing on stages all over Europe, Asia and Australia. It was while she was on tour in India in 2013 that she first discovered yoga for herself and began her journey as teacher at the Yoga Institute Mumbai, the oldest yoga center in the world. 

Finding herself on a journey of physical and spiritual awareness, Pilates came as a natural progression for Amy. 

After a short performing-hiatus to complete her MBA, Amy returned to stage in 2017 to work as a soloist dancer in Paris where she also completed her Barre Instructor training and taught regularly. 

Amy lives in Berlin now and works as a performer, Pilates & yoga instructor and has just started her own business!  

She is incredibly happy to be teaching Pilates at Hi!Yoga.