sophie senoner

In 2009, Sophie flew to the Sivananda Ashram in South India without any yoga knowledge. She immediately fell in love with the whole ashram life and spent several weeks there. Sophie found the community there particularly healing and to this day, she describes her experiences there with a blissful smile on her face. The following summer, she went to Mysore, where she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. There she also began to write her first book. She spent the next 4 years practicing Ashtanga in Berlin at Yogaschool Berlin.


In 2012, Sophie became seriously ill with Pfeiffer's glandular fever, which developed into chronic fatigue syndrome. After conventional school medicine brought no improvement, Sophie began treatment with a naturopath. She began practicing Sivananda Yoga again, and considers the healing power of this yoga an important part of her recovery. 


When chronic fatigue syndrome returned in 2016, Sophie finally realized that she needed to make yoga an active and permanent part of her life - she made the decision to become a teacher. She completed her Hatha Tantra training in Nepal. 


Back in Berlin, however, she found herself in a difficult personal situation: the pressure of having just turned 30, a breakup, debts. She needed to gather herself and reorganize. One of the things that brought Sophie joy during this time was teaching yoga to friends. Those classes quickly turned into Hi!Yoga, luckily she had the support of Doro and Miri for the first few months.

Since then, Sophie is incredibly happy about the wonderful growth of Hi!Yoga: after 6 months the team consisted of 8 teachers, after the first year there were already 22. Awesome! Without our loving and qualified teachers we would not be able to offer you the diverse program we are so proud of. Sophie now runs Hi!Yoga full-time.


Hi!Yoga was founded without any start-up capital and owes its current success to the many friends who have supported Sophie in the learning and teaching process. Sophie is equally grateful to all the students who found their way to the studio or met us online. Hi!Yoga would not be the popular and successful yoga studio it is today without all of you!


Sophie is currently in her 4-year training at the Yoga Akademie Berlin with Ananda Leone. She is fascinated by astrology 💫 (Aries with Ascendant in Cancer) and grew up in Berlin-Schöneberg.