kat schamens

Yoga saved her life. Kat has spent the majority of her life practicing yoga, if you count practicing Denise Austin videos in her room at age 12 to improve her skills as a dancer. She can now thank the yoga practice for giving her the stamina to dance into eternity under the disco ball while opening up space in the hips to dance low + arm balance if a dance off ever presented itself ;) Despite the fact that she had to  kiss her dreams of dancing full time good bye she found her passion for yoga deepen for the simple reason of just feeling better about herself. Her practice evolved and became more disciplined by age 18 when she started to make the connection that lied beneath her physical form.


Finally in 2011, she completed her first teacher training and since then has accumulated over 1,000 hours of training from various lineages including, Ana Forrest, Dana Flynn (Laughing Lotus), and Sri Dharma Mittra. Her ultimate master self study training came shortly after her 30th birthday when yoga literally saved her life. After waking up from a car accident with a fractured C2, left arm, and rib. Not only did the yoga prevent her spinal column from snapping in half, but the teachings taught were integrated in her recovery which only expedited the healing process. Needless to say, Kat owes her life to the practice and enjoys sharing its benefits with her students so that we can all live in a state of heightened awareness that allows us to thrive from our highest potential.