Nico sarani

Nico has been teaching yoga & meditation in Germany and abroad since 2014 with multiple certifications in her pocket. Over the years she has come to understand yoga as a way of navigating life's pitfalls, offering support and solutions amid the chaos (aka life) that we all face from time to time. This beautiful ancient practice has helped her to build a stronger connection to body & mind, and provided her with an amazing toolbox of techniques that can be used in whatever challenging situation we may find ourselves in (and if it's just about taking a deep breath when you've just missed the damn bus!).


She strongly believes life and our external to be a mirror of our internal state. Through yoga we become aware of what is going on inside of us, how it manifests in the physical world, and learn to let go or transform that which doesn't serve us any longer. So that eventually, we can play around with life's manifold expressions with a little more lightness and a lot more laughter :)