bastian risse

Bastian is a certified breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher with a penchant for electronic music. He is based in Berlin, but he loves to travel and explore a lot.


For the past 10 years he has been living in many different countries, which has had a major impact on him and his life so far.

There he noticed how his values shifted, how little it takes to be happy, how not only his heart but also his horizon expanded.

He was working by the sea and it happened there that he came into contact with spiritual practice for the first time. In Morocco he discovered breathwork for himself. For the first time in years, he was able to disconnect himself from his thoughts and find his way back to himself.


It was a profound experience. So overwhelmingly beautiful and life changing that he made breathwork a daily routine. 

He added yoga and meditation to his practice and traveled to India to learn more. Since he has been dealing with this topic, he can't stop sharing his knowledge with others, because he experienced for himself how valuable and healing it is to consciously work with one's body and mind. Everything you need to find yourself and your individual truth and to experience peace, love and confidence is available now and for everyone. 


But whatever you are told won't be as convincing as your own experience. You need to give it a try to experience the magic.