About our studio: 

Our address of the studio is:

Monumentenstr 23, 10965 Berlin, 2nd backyard, ground floor, left.


- When you come for the first time, please take enough time to find us without stress. We start our classes on time and cannot guarantee that you will be let in after the classes start.


- For Hi!yoga to continue, a good relationship with our neighbors is very important: therefore, lock your bike outside by the street and do not take it into the yard. Stay quiet in the yard so that our neighbors are not disturbed. Thank you :)


- We offer tea and water free of charge in our studio. You can also rent mats, yoga towels, hair ties, tampons and an Iphone Lightning charger.


- You can pay for classes in cash, send us money with Paypal and book with ClassPass or Urban Sports Club


- Our current timetable for studio classes:



- Our current online timetable:



- Our current outdoor timetable:



- Some of our classes are held in both German and English (DE/EN), but some are only offered in one language. Please contact our teachers if you have a language of your choice.


- Safe Space: We try to create a safe space in our premises, so please respect other students and teachers. We do not tolerate sexist, racist, trans- or homophobic behavior. If you do not feel safe or comfortable, please talk to a teacher or write to us directly. 


Yoga mats:

- We ask you to please bring your own mat as it’s the safest and cleanest possibility. 


- If you don’t have a mat, you can use one of ours. Please bring a big towel to use with our mats or rent a yoga towel from us for a 1€ laundry fee.


Can I pay via credit card at the studio?

⭑ Yes, and you can also pay via Paypal to "hi@hiyogaberlin.de".


Can I rent a yoga-towel?

⭑We have towels at the studio, just ask at the reception desk. We ask for a fee of 1€ for washing the towels.


Do you have wifi?



I don’t have my gym clothes. Do you have any?

⭑We have some spare items around most of the time – just ask!


Do you have hair ties, tampons, a charger?

⭑Yes, we do! Just ask at the reception desk. These things are free of charge, but we would

be delighted if you brought the hair tie back after class ^^


I was late. Why was the door closed already?

⭑We generally want the classes to start on time. We wait a bit for latecomers but then we have to close the door. Once the door is closed, it’s not possible to join the class anymore.


I was there but didn’t find you :(.

⭑Oh no! Our address is: Monumentenstrasse 23, 2nd backyard. If you’re joining us for the first time, make sure to be on time so you’ll be able to find us.


Do you have showers?

⭑No, we only have WCs.