FAQs regarding Urban Sports


I just registered with Urban Sports, what do I have to do? Do I have to send you an e-mail?

⭑ Just download the app and log in. Come to class and we’ll check you in.

If you have further questions regarding your account, get in touch with Urban Sports



I can’t find you on Urban Sports – are you part of it?

⭑ Yes! It’s important that you don’t forget the "!" in "Hi!Yoga Berlin". You can join us with their

M, L and XL memberships.


I was checked in retrospectively even though I hadn’t been to class that day.

⭑ We’re sorry to hear that! Your last check-in at the studio probably didn’t work, so we

recorded your membership number and checked you in later. If you think our belated

check-in was wrong, please reach out to us via E-mail.