FAQs regarding the studio



Do you have yoga mats at the studio?

⭑Yes, we have mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets! You can use all of them free of

charge. Please clean everything you used with the utensils we provide for you afterwards.



Do I have to register in advance?

⭑No, all of our classes are drop-ins. Just come over and enjoy.



Can I pay via credit card at the studio?

⭑No, but you can transfer money via Paypal to "hi@hiyogaberlin.de".



Do I have to register with MINDBODY or buy a ticket in advance?

⭑No, you can just drop in and pay cash. That is also what is most convenient for us.



Can I rent a yoga-towel?

⭑We have towels at the studio, just ask at the reception desk. We ask for a fee of 1,50

€ for washing the towels.



Do you have wifi?

⭑No. If there’s an emergency, we can give you access to a personal hotspot.

Ich habe keine Sportsachen dabei. Habt ihr welche?


I don’t have my gym clothes. Do you have any?

⭑We have some spare items around most of the time – just ask!



Do you have hair ties, tampons, a charger?

⭑Yes, we do! Just ask at the reception desk. These things are free of charge, but we would

be delighted if you brought the hair tie back after class ^^




I was late. Why was the door closed already?

⭑We generally want the classes to start on time. We wait a bit for latecomers but then we have to close the door. Once the door is closed, it’s not possible to join the class anymore.



I was there but didn’t find you :(.

⭑Oh no! Our address is: Gitschiner Strasse, staircase D, 5th floor (Actors Space Berlin). If you’re joining us for the first time, make sure to be on time so you’ll be able to find us.


Do you have showers?

⭑No, we only have WCs.