What is Hi!Yoga Berlin doing against Covid-19?

We are following the rules of the senate regarding hygiene and distance. We make sure that people are physically and mentally in harmony and thus get through the hard times better, and we secure jobs and therefore the livelihood of 15 people.



We installed an air purifier in the studio. This air purifier is especially suitable for large gyms. It cleans the entire room air three times per hour and filters 99.995% of viruses. The HEPA filter H14 and the UV-C light are suitable for the elimination of corona viruses.



We follow the 3-G rule: Please bring a proof that you are vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. 

If you pay cash or with PayPal we have to save your name and telephone number for 4 weeks to comply with current rules 


Thank you for following the rules and help us keep Hi!Yoga safe 💞