Human Design



Human Design is the merging of several ancient systems into one: the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the Indian Chakra system and Astrology.

The Human Design graph or chart can be felt and understood from two perspectives: Through the body and through understanding the elements that the chart consists of.

In this workshop we will explore and play with both perspectives, bringing them together so that each one of us can develop a feel for their personal chart. While there are many elements to the chart, we will focus on specific parts that we can connect to in our every-day lives so that from there we can move deeper.

Human Design is not about a chart determining us but really about finding new access to our inner world. They say it is an experiment. There is no dogma that one has to believe or to follow, but it really is an invitation to very intimately and playfully explore and feel into ourselves (and the ones around us!).



Saturday 20th of August

2 pm - 4 pm



Full price: 16€ 

You can also book this Workshop via USC and pay 5€ extra.



Hi!Yoga Studio

Monumentenstraße 23, 2nd backyard  10829 Berlin