✩ We have mats to lend for free and a changing room

✩ But the safest is if you bring your own mat and come already dressed in your training clothes

✩ There will be light hands-on assistance, please tell our teachers if you do not want to be assisted



✩ Book directly through Eversports via our timetable. You can pay via credit card, Paypal or Sofortüberweisung

✩ You can also just join and pay with CASH/PAYPAL, but we can't guarantee you a spot this way



✩ 1 class (new customer)                                        10 €

✩ 1 short studio class (up to 60 min)                    12 €  

✩ 1 long studio class (from 75 minutes on)          14 €

✩ 5-pack studio                                                       55 € 

✩ 1 online flat, studio monthly                               80 € 

    & outdoor flat rate


With our flat rates you can attend 1 class per day for 30 days. The flat rate is valid from the day of the 1st booking



✩ You can join with your USC or ClassPass (search for "Hi!Yoga Studio")

✩ Book directly in the app