Studio Hi!Yoga Kreuzberg- Monumentenstr. 23

New studio from the 14th of September 2020!


Hi!Yoga Berlin

Monumentenstraße 23, 2nd backyard, ground floor

10965 Berlin



Dear students,


This is a gentle reminder that we are located in a residential building, so we have to keep the volume down in the studio and in the yard. Please don't linger or have loud conversations there, as our neighbors have complained about the noise,

& park your bicycle outside by the street 🚲.



Techno Yoga - Kreuzberg

Dresdnerstr. 11, 10999 Berlin, back yard of the industrial building, 3rd floor, „Art13 Tango"

This studio is 150 square meters with huge windows that allow us to air out the room fast and comfortably.

Techno Yoga - Wedding

Oudenarder Str. 16-20 (Osram-Höfe, Part A-West, between the staircases A7-A8, "Tanzraum Wedding" 3rd floor), 13347 Berlin.

This space is even bigger: 200 square meters. Since it's located in an industrial estate, we can be LOUD.