Online Livestream Classes

We are online now and we offer you a variety of beautiful yoga and workout classes:


All of our livestream classes are available to a special price:

1 "Support Hi!Yoga" Online Class 15€  (if you can afford it, we ask you to pay this price to support us)

1  Online Class Normal Price 10€

1 Reduced Price Online Class 5€ (if you experience financial uncertainty like we do, we offer you a reduced price for each class)

5-Pack Livestream Classes 40€

10-Pack Livestream Classes 70€


To join our classes, follow these simple steps:

✩ download the Zoom app.

✩ book your class via Fitogram or USC/ClassPass at least 20 min before the class begins.

✩ download the Playlist of the class as written in the class description.

✩ please play the music at an extern recorder to have the teachers voice as clear as possible.

✩ we send all students a Zoom link 15 min. before the class begins to join our livestream class.

✩ the teacher will be in the zoom meeting 15 minutes before the class starts. Once we've said hi, please turn your own video and audio off. There will be time to hang around afterwards to chat too.


Urban Sports/ClassPass:

If you are an Urban Sports or ClassPass member, book directly using the app.

Go to the class you want join, click on the ‚Instant Book‘ button.


If you have any trouble booking an online class, please let us know via e-mail (, we are here for you.


We can't wait to see you again & train with you!

Stay happy & healthy, my friends