Join the team!

💙 Come work with us! 💙 


we are looking for a photographer to shoot our team and studio


social media expert 🥰

we are looking for someone to manage our social media channels and edit our website. You should have graphic skills, be knowledgeable about yoga and speak english well. 


New teachers for our studio

We're looking for new teachers to lead classes for us (all day!).💡 We're looking for yoga teachers and practitioners who lead workout classes. 🧘🏋️ If you're interested in joining Hi!Yoga and have at least 2 years of experience as a full time teacher in leading classes send us an email to and include the following info: 


💌 where did you get your training? 

💌 which class would you like to teach and when?

💌 a little bit about yourself 

💌 include your instagram handle and/or some pictures of yourself.


These are the free slots we are looking to fill:


✩ Monday - Friday: until 6 pm


✩ Saturday: 12 noon - 6 pm


✩ Sunday: 9 am - 5 pm, 7.30-9 pm


Workshop leaders

🌳We're branching out🌳


Hey there! We're looking for people to lead workshops (especially on the weekend) covering a variety of topics/areas: (anti-)racism in yoga, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), progressive muscle relaxation, breathwork, health-insurance covered classes, waste reduction. 

Have experience and training in leading any of these classes/workshops? 

Reach out to us at with: 


⭐your availabilities and what kind of class/workshop you would like to teach 

⭐where you got your training/your experience

⭐a little bit about you and some pictures and/or your instagram handle