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New teachers for our studio

We're looking for new yoga, pilates and workout teachers to lead classes for us.💡 

🧘🏋️ If you're interested in joining Hi!Yoga and have at least 2 years of experience as a full time teacher in leading classes send us an email to and include the following info: 


💌 where did you get your training? 

💌 which class would you like to teach and when?

💌 a little bit about yourself 

💌 include your instagram handle and/or some pictures of yourself.



Workshop leaders

🌳 We're branching out 🌳


Hey there! We're looking for people to lead workshops (especially on the weekend) covering a variety of topics/areas: (anti-)racism in yoga, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), progressive muscle relaxation, breathwork, health-insurance covered classes, waste reduction. 

Have experience and training in leading any of these classes/workshops? 

Reach out to us at with: 


⭐ your availabilities and what kind of class/workshop you would like to teach 

⭐ where you got your training/your experience

⭐ a little bit about you and some pictures and/or your instagram handle