Techno Yoga


Do you miss parties and going out? Wanna dance it all away? Hi Vibez has got you covered! ⚡

Hi!Yoga's Techno Yoga classes are back at the studio! Finally, we missed you. 🔥💓 These classes will give you a healthy fix of weekend shenanigans with dynamic flows and joyful playlists! Let's get sweaty together. 💦

Electrify your prana ready for the weekend and sweat yourself into liberation, carried by the beats and the breath of your practice. This class is all about connection, joyful movement and liberating fun. We can't wait to see you! 🥰 


Under the guidance of Grace or Sebastiaan, two experienced yoga teachers with a healthy spirit and heart for dance and celebration culture. Techno Yoga was founded by Sophie Senoner in 2018.