Flow into Mindfulness Meditation (on donation)

We’ll start with a well-balanced and vigorous flow to wake up, warm and open up the body to

prepare it for twenty minutes of seated guided meditation.

Set to a sweet soundtrack.


Friday 9am- 10am with Victoria


This is a special class, because all proceeds goes to this beautiful project


The Wild Silence Project


We live in extremely stressful times. Depression, anxiety, burnout and substance abuse are on the rise. Many people feel lonely and disconnected, despite all the various forms of communication we now have. 


We believe that there is a correlation between these mental health problems and the increased screen time and social media use. We also believe that how we have distanced ourselves from, and treated Mother nature plays a part in the rise of un-wellness. We also believe that introspection in the form of meditation and mindful movement, can strengthen our sense of connection to others, by realizing how truly and deeply interconnected we are to everyone and everything.


Therefore, it is our ambition to establish a silent meditation and digital detox retreat center in Brandenburg, available to all, regardless of financial situation. This means that we will set up a Karma Yoga program, so that if funds are low, a person can do work in exchange for staying at the retreat.  


We want to create a beautiful space, surrounded by nature, for rest and relaxation. For introspection. For healing. For yoga and other mindful movement traditions. 


We hope to create a sustainable, zero waste business model, where we exist in harmony with nature, and with the seasons (as long as we have them). The food prepared at The Wild Silence should be local, seasonal, organic and plant-based, and – if possible – from our own gardens. As unemployment is high in Brandenburg, we also hope to provide job opportunities for locals. 


At the time of check-in, mobile phones, tablets and laptops are also checked in, and kept safe until check-out. 

Each day at The Wild Silence starts and finishes with mindful movement and meditation. Three meals a day are served. And the time in between can be filled with whatever the guest wishes; reading, writing, bird watching, doing nothing, gardening, just being. 


To get this project off the ground we need money. We are very grateful for anyone supporting us.


Eva, Män-tse & Victoria