Course descriptions

Yoga to get energized

Online Classes

Have a beautiful relaxed class at your home.

Outdoor Yoga

We're back! Outdoor season has started.

Techno Yoga

The perfect mix between thumping electronic beats and an energized flow that will make you sweat!

Jivamutki Yoga

Expect beautiful, flowing vinyasa sequences.


Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic, soulful and meditative.

Yoga to come down

Yin & Yoga Nidra

Discover peace and balance with this thoroughly inclusive yoga practice.





Beginners Yoga

Take this class to learn the basics of yoga with lots of assistance.

Slow Flow & Pranayama


Perfect for a cozy sunday evening ✨

Work out with us

I Got Your Back

This workout is designed for a healthy back. 

Handstand Course

Learn to balance on your hands safely, comfortably and efficiently.