Course descriptions

Yoga to get energized

Online Classes

Stay connected with us in these challenging times and join us for some online classes.

Outdoor Yoga

We're back! Outdoor season has started.

Techno Yoga

The perfect mix between thumping electronic beats and an energized flow that will make you sweat!

Vinyasa  Advanced

Vinyasa Advanced classes consist of a mix of familiar asanas and variations that may be new to you.


Ashtanga / Inspired Flow

This is the classic yoga discipline. Follow Pattabhi Jois’ sequences and relish practicing each asana until you have mastered it.


Inner Sparkle Flow

A dynamic Vinyasa Flow that makes you radiate! Probably the most fragant class in the city!


Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic, soulful and meditative flows with a focus on the breath.

Jivamutki Yoga

You can expect beautiful, flowing vinyasa sequences and being introduced to new asanas.


Dynamic, soulful and meditative flows with a focus on the breath.

Yoga to come down

Yin & Yoga Nidra

Discover peace and balance through this thoroughly inclusive yoga practice.





Flow into Mindfulness Mediation

A well-balanced and vigorous flow to  open up the body and mind.

Beginners Yoga

Don’t know where to put your arms, legs and head during a sun salutation? Take this class to learn the basics of yoga with lots of assistance.

Slow Flow & Pranayama

A journey through the colorful and eclectic breath and meditation techniques of yoga. 


Perfect for a cozy sunday evening ✨


➽ Beginners with some yoga experience can also take any class that is listed for "all levels", if you feel ready for it. Please let the teacher know if you’re new to practicing yoga. 

Workout with us

I Got Your Back

Based on professional expertise in physical therapy and inspired by dance and martial arts training – this workout is designed for a healthy back. 

Handstand Course

Learn by safe training and play to find the way our body can balance comfortably and efficiently in a handstand. 

Dance like no one is watching.. (on PAUSE)

Sober Disco (on Pause)

Dance like no one is watching at our Morning Dance Party!


You will follow Esthers voice and yet your heart beat and gut instinct will guide you as well..

Bellydance (on Pause)

Swing your belly! This class combines the most important characteristics of belly dance with a contemporary approach 🔥.